Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hope your reveling was safe and exciting last night. I saw online this morning that someone at Busch Gardens was hit with a falling bullet. Hopefully she didn't suffer any serious injury. It never ceases to amaze me, the stupidity of people that fire guns into the air . . . for any sort of celebration or protest.

Hey moron! That bullet has to come down somewhere! We're not living in the wilds of Kansas or Oklahoma or someplace with hundreds of acres of nothing around us. Honestly . . . such stupidity!

And on that same note, I got a little New Year's Eve excitement on the job yesterday as I was witness to some idiot pulling a gun on another guy in traffic.

After my initial reaction of "Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . he's got a gun!" and yes, I did call 911, my next thought was noticing that the guy handled the gun like he'd never picked one up before.

Two of the more important lessons we teach people in self defense classes is don't own a firearm for self defense if you're scared to use it, as in pulling the trigger and shooting someone. You are more likely to have the weapon taken away from you and used against you in that situation. And secondly, don't brandish the weapon if you aren't prepared to use it, because . . . see my previous remark.

As I watched this idiot carry the gun up to the other driver, I thought This guy's never held a gun in his life. Fortunately, the dude in the other vehicle simply stuck his hands up in the air when the other guy shoved the gun in the window. Because if the victim had been on his game, he could have taken that gun away and things could have gotten really ugly real fast.

What a mess! Fortunately everyone left the incident unharmed and I burned off a couple thousand calories freaking out.

So on with the New Year . . .

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