Thursday, January 22, 2015

Seriously, Mr. President?!

The King of Saudi Arabia passed away today, Yemen has fallen to a rebel faction within, Iran looks to have long range ICBM's . . . and what does our President do? Why he does a sit down with some fat ass chick in neon green lipstick who videos herself eating Fruit Loops out of a tub of milk she's laying in and puts it on the web.


Does the phrase beneath the dignity of the office mean anything to these people? I know it's asking a lot from an administration that makes Al resist we much Sharpton their spokesman on race issues, but still . . .

I've heard the b.s. from liberal/socialist commentators about how many subscribers this idiot has on her youTube account. But you know what? If this is what young people are paying attention to these days, do we need more evidence that our educational system is broken? And frankly, I don't think these politicians should be giving rodeo clowns like Colbert or Stewart any validity either, but those two bozos are already sort of entrenched.

But two days after outlining his BOLD plan for moving America forward, our President is demeaning himself and the office by inviting fools in off the street and granting them interviews, instead of working with Congress to hammer out some sort of bi-partisan agreements on his agenda.

You know . . . like a real leader would be doing. But that's the problem, isn't it?

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