Monday, January 12, 2015

And the rest of those who caught my eye . . .

Not an exhaustive list to be sure, just those who I thought warranted mention or comment and presented in alphabetical order:

Amy Adams -
Amy's got the spanx and that bandage dress working to perfection, but I'm wondering about all those spots -- banquet beforehand perhaps?

amy adams

Diane Kruger -
That dress is giving me a Superhero vibe, but I'm wondering how many people she impaled with those shoes! Look how long the toes are!

diane kruger

Emily Osment -
They caught her on the way in to get ready. Right?

Emily osment

Gillian Anderson -
Oh Scully! We waited so long for you to break out the hotness. *sigh* Still beautiful tho . . .

Gillian anderson

Jaime Chung -
Best thing about rockin' the basic black? Don't have to get fancy with your toenail polish.

Jaime chung

Mary Elizabeth Winstead -
Adorable! And the only person I felt sorry for during the Fappening.

mary Elizabeth winstead

Reese Witherspoon -
Reese didn't seem to be actually smiling in any of the pictures I saw. Just being silly or is she that snarky in real life?

reese witherspoon

Rosamund Pike -
Nice to see her up for some awards this year. She's paid her dues in a variety of film genres. Hope she wins something and gets a little saucy on the red carpet at some point.

rosamund pike

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