Monday, September 9, 2013

Well of course Miley's naked in her new video...

I mean, first off, it's directed by Terry Richardson. And he's got that whole perv-y vibe goin' on:

miley cyrus nude wrecking ball video

And secondly, let's face it . . . what is there left for her to do to shock people? I mean other than do a straight forward rendition of one of her songs without a lot of extraneous bullsh*t going on in the background?

And where's the fun in that?

Okay. I've actually seen the video now and I'm not sure I'm quite as bothered by it as most seem to be. My point above still stands -- I think Miley went for the nudity because it's the only so-called taboo left for her to hit people with. But the song itself isn't bad. It's an anthemic ballad -- easy to envision a hall full of fans swaying back and forth with their hands in the air singing along. It's a song about heartbreak and desire, I don't think Miley wrote it herself, but it's not bad, not perfect, but I wouldn't be reaching for the dial if it came on the radio.

As an amateur photographer myself, I've always found Terry Richardson to be formulaic in the work he puts out. Or at least what gets talked about publicly. Perhaps he's got some really cool, cutting edge stuff held back. But his celeb stuff is fairly predictable. Anyway, the visuals in the video look like they were framed/staged by someone who's primarily a still photographer. And that's not a complaint. I actually like the look of the vid.

Also, let's not kid ourselves here -- Terry took full advantage of Miley's hot, hard little body. She's either in fairly thin underwear or fully nude throughout the video. Her attempts at sensuality with the sledgehammer and the wrecking ball chain seem a little forced. And this is where I think her age is a problem -- girl just doesn't understand sex or sexuality yet. Ten years from now, she could probably rock that video much better, but at this time in her life, it just comes off as exploitive. And that's the knock on both her and Richardson isn't it?

But if you're one of the few humans on the planet who hasn't seen it yet. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It isn't as bad as everyone's making it out to be and I'd be interested in your opinion.



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