Monday, September 2, 2013

Rule 5 Monday -- heavy hitters

jordan carver road sign

This holiday edition of Rule 5 loveliness is dedicated to my heavy hitters. No, not like that, silly. I took a quick look through my site stats and picked out the gals that seem to drive the most traffic via image searches.

From apartment house wrestling to xoxo leah, it's all here for your Rule 5 perusing pleasure. Basically I created a one stop shop for those who spend too much time looking for this stuff. To save labor . . . get it?  heh


*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

taryn manning playboyjessica jane clementolivia sprauer aka victoria james kerri taylorbethanie badertscher playboylindsay lohan topless apartment wrestlingxoxo leahsavannah costello

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.



The redheads Rita Hayworth and Lily Cole sandwich some NSA parodies and other current events

Anonymous said...

First off - hot picture, but secondly - wtf is apartment wrestling?

postaldog said...

In the 70s, wrestling magazines trying to add eye candy to the images a fat sweaty guys, created this mythical underground wrestling thing called apartment house wrestling -- girls in bikinis wrestling in front of bored millionaires, that sort of thing. It gained a cult-like following and has at least one website devoted to it today among the scores of catfight related stuff out there.

Thanks for commenting :-)