Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bucs lose to Pats 23-3

Tampa Bay is starting this NFL season 0-3. After two literal last second losses, the Bucs got crushed by New England. Dating to last season, new head coach Greg Schiano has now lost eight of his last nine games.

Someone's out of a job come Monday. Not sure who, but my money's on embattled QB Josh Freeman. The local media has turned on the kid like a pack of wild dogs and he looks hesitant playing the game. Expect rookie Mike Glennon to be under center next week.


Looks like everyone's job is safe for the moment. Schiano is saying the offense's problems are simply a matter of execution (this is where that great quote from former Buc coach John McKay comes to mind -- reporter: Coach, any thought's on the offense's execution today? McKay: I'm in favor of it.   heh). Schiano says that Freeman remains the team's starting QB.

We'll see how this goes.

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