Friday, September 13, 2013

Buccaneers outrageous outrage

So other than the abysmal loss to the Jets last weekend, the big story down here has been the suggestion that Bucs head coach Greg Schiano deliberately fixed the vote counting to ensure that struggling quarterback Josh Freeman was not named a captain on this year's squad.


With all the legitimate stuff to worry about . . . I mean really.

The funny thing is watching the local sportswriters turn on Freeman like a pack of wild dogs. Two years ago, these guys had Freeman's bust for Canton already made and polished it daily with their tongues. Pouring out columns of accolades about Freeman's stats -- you'd have thought the kid was the reincarnation/combination of Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, etc.

They gushed about his gaudy stats, neglecting to realize those big numbers were put up against opposing team's prevent defense in the fourth quarter as the Bucs furiously tried to come back after three quarters of inept offensive football.

But now, because Schiano didn't give Freeman the dreaded "vote of confidence" in the off season, saying everyone's job needed competition, local writers can't heap enough scorn on Freeman. And now the team as well.

I wouldn't be surprised that the "unnamed source" at the Bucs who dropped the dime on this story is a player who longs for the lax and unregimented days of former coach Raheem Morris. Schaino's a disciplinarian and a micro-manager and some of these dudes simply don't want that.

Thing is, as I've said all along, the jury is still out on Freeman. Let's see what the kid can do over a couple of years, then decide if he's the francise qb we've been looking for. He's got the tools -- big arm, accuracy, tough in the pocket. All I'm saying is save the hero worship for when he deserves it.

The team's off to a slow start, to be sure. Last season, writers lamented Schiano's boot camp style of coaching. He backed off a bit this year, and the guys don't look ready because of it imho. Plus weirdness like the MRSA thing. Let's let the season get under way a bit before we start throwing in the towel on everything and everyone.

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