Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You've got to be kidding me!

So I pop over to the Red Sox site to see how the guys are doing in their second game against the last place Astros after being shut out in the first game, and they're getting clobbered again. Might have been something like 7-2 in the fourth inning, but I'm not sure.

They decided to try Steven Wright, the knuckleballer they brought up from the minors who's done well out of the pen, as a starter. Well, kid's no Tim Wakefield as he barely lasted an inning, getting shelled for three quick runs. And the apparent rout was on.

I say apparent, because I just checked back and the score is now 15-9 Red Sox in the top of the 7th! WTF?! I cannot wait to see the box score for this game, 'cause someone got lit up here! Wow!

My initial idea for this post was to wonder why they were starting this kid Wright, when they've got an up-and-coming guy in Brandon Workman who looks to be a solid starter. But I guess that's sort of a moot point now.

With the Rays lurking only a half game back, I don't think this is the time for Farrell to be experimenting with starting pitchers. Kind of need to win games now, you know?

So checking the wrap up, I'm guessing Farrell pulled Wright after Lavarnway had four passed balls in the first inning. It looked like the knuckleball was all over the place and not only not going for strikes it was uncatchable. The guys had two five run innings to pull ahead for the win. Interestingly, Brandon Workman got the win, coming in to pitch in the second inning, even though he gave up six runs in his four innings of work. Guys got lucky in this one. Take it and move on.

And because I feel sort of bad for assaulting my visitors with the post right below this one, here's some Ella hotness to try and make amends:

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