Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Helen Hunt in a one-piece = respectable

helen hunt bathing suit

Helen Hunt went out paddleboarding or surfing, not sure which recently and did a good job rockin' the one piece swimsuit. Can't tell if it's the harsh outdoor light or what, but her face looks a little botox-y, which is a shame. She should take her cue from the smokin' hot Helen Mirren and let herself age naturally.

helen hunt bathing suit

No matter . . . still works for me :-)


Anonymous said...

Works for me too, nice ass for a 50 year old!

postaldog said...

Just saw a movie called "The Sessions" where Hunt goes fully nude on several occasions. She has an amazing body!! But still, there is something about her face, either Botox or a lift or just doesn't seem right.

Thanks for commenting :-)