Thursday, August 15, 2013

Florida legislature shows some spine

The Florida Legislature shot down [no pun intended] an attempt to force a special session to repeal the Stand your Ground law. A three-fifths yes vote in the legislature is required to bring a special session, but there is already over half of the 160 member body that have voted against the measure, dooming it to a quick and deserved defeat.

The entire thing was brought about by 33 legislators who were cowed or simply went along with the grievance mongers who have whined about the Zimmerman verdict since it was announced. This despite the fact that this was never a "stand your ground" case.

It is important to note that the people who are complaining about the Zimmerman verdict are simply upset that Zimmerman didn't go to jail for defending himself against his black attacker and they want redress in any way they can get it. And the anti Second Amendment forces in this country will leap at any chance to find a way to end private ownership of firearms. To wit -- sure you can own a gun, but if you use it to defend yourself, you're going to jail for life, so might as well get rid of it because now you don't have a rational purpose for owning one, right?

Tallahassee is full of protesters right now and the usual race-baiters are working overtime to claim that the law somehow targets young black men. Sadly the truth is that young black men are killing other young black men in obscene numbers, and the "stand your ground" law has nothing to do with it.

Nice to see my elected representatives showing some backbone for a change.

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