Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rays open the season with a win

Over the hated Yankees, no less!

Tampa beat New York 7-6 to open their season on a high note. With the Rays bats taking spring training off, the team known for shut out pitching ended up out-slugging the vaunted Yankees.

Carlos Pena broke the first inning open with a grand slam off CC Sabathia and eventually won the game with a walk off fly against the suddenly not-so-ageless Mariano Rivera.

James "Big Game" Shields didn't have one, getting pounded for six runs through five innings before giving way to pretty much every relief pitcher in the Rays bullpen as the team tried to hold on for a comeback.

Evan Langoria also jacked a home run in the game. With any hope, maybe these hitters are going to be a bit more productive this season.

As with Boston, one game does not a season make. But it is always nice to see someone take down the Jankees :-)

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