Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend sports recap

Well sadly, what I feared about the Red Sox has been proven out in the first three games of the season. With no true closer on the team, the "committee" blew two leads yesterday to allow the Tigers to come back and win 13-12 to sweep the Boston into the division cellar with an 0-3 record to start the season.

Team officials are still saying that nothing is wrong with Josh Beckett's thumb, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the d/l sometime soon. And the guys put up a ton of runs yesterday and still could not win because they can't close the other team down in the ninth. This isn't going to get better with time. The Sox have the payroll to find a closer, the GM's got to get out there and start looking now or it will be an ugly season.

The Rays, meanwhile, shutout the Jankees yesterday 3-0 to sweep them into the winless cellar next to the Sox.

The team has someone filling in for Kyle Farnsworth who seems to be doing a capable job closing, so good for them. The AL East is topsy turvy at the start of the season. Could be a fun year if things keep jumbling around like this. I prefer a year long dogfight to those years when New York is up by 20 games at the All-Star Break.

And Bubba Watson won the Masters yesterday in a playoff.

Did you watch it live? If not, you missed one of the greatest golf shots I've ever seen. With Watson and Oosthuizen (sp?) playing in the same group and tied for the last couple of holes in regulation, both players hit badly off the tee on 17.

Oosthuizen gets a lucky break and has his ball stay in the fairway, but Watson's ends up way off to the right in the pine straw. Instead of chipping out to the fairway safely, Bubba cranks a hook nearly 90 degrees and lands his shot on the green to save par!

I had thought that the rain-making pitch Mickleson had hit the day before was going to be the shot of the tournament, but that blast yesterday had me laughing and clapping on my sofa.

Congrats Bubba Watson! You definitely earned that green jacket!

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