Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Always fun to watch the master at work

Paris Hilton is in Australia for the opening of a casino. And despite the fact that she, personally, is obscenely wealthy, someone is putting her up on a luxury yacht while she's there.

Knowing full well she's being papped every moment of the day, the PhD of fame-whoring, backs up to the boat's railing and spends about five minutes working her wedgie out:

paris hilton bikini wedgie

Mission accomplished, as Paris gets her ass on every celeb blog and in every scandal rag in the world. I mean seriously, she plays the media better than pretty much anyone else in the famous-for-being-famous category.

And when it comes to dropping some skin on a yacht, Paris has shown before that she has no peer:

paris hilton topless on a yacht

And they say this chick has no talent. Pfftt . . .

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