Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Avengers team image

avengers team image

Found a new Avengers team composite online. Pretty neat image with everyone looking a little battle weary . . . IronMan an little banged up, scars on Cap's shield, and so on. ScarJo's Black Widow is inexplicably wielding a tiny Glock . . . but hey, it's just a promo image.

The Hulk is looking a little old school, like the early comic book version. And I've noticed he's interacting more in a coherent fashion with other team members in the trailers and teasers, unlike the two previous movie versions where he was more smash and roar. No complaints there. I wondered how they were going to have him work as a team member given his behaviour in the two different movies already out.

Still looking forward to the May 4 opening.

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