Tuesday, January 16, 2018


fuck you antifa

These guys at Spike's Tactical stirred up a storm when they posted that image as part of a tweet to announce some sort of sales convention in conjuction with the Pipe Hitters Union which I think is a clothing line.

Naturally they're being accused of supporting white supremacy and being racists and all because they call out the Antifa thugs and because there are four white dudes standing up to a crowd of anarchists.

Me personally, I'm just wondering if it is really such a long shot that things may get to the point where we need an armed militia (2nd Amendment anyone?) to keep law abiding citizens safe from these ever more unruly mobs that are lionized and cheered on by Democrats and the left wing media. That's a scary thought.

I'm also not surprised that lefties started hurling the "race" card right off the bat. Ever since Barack Obama was running for President, that's been the default insult and sledgehammer used by the left to silence anything they don't agree with.

Over at Legal Insurrection the other day, Prof. Jacobsen pointed out, correctly imho, that the only reason scumbag Senator Dick Durbin went public with something said in a closed door meeting was that Dems were finding out that President Trump wasn't going to knuckle under on DACA, and their only hope was to force his hand somehow. Using Trump's salty remark as proof he's a racist and then saying that the only way to prove he isn't is to pass the Dem's version of DACA is such a transparent case of Kafkatrapping that I'm surprised I've only seen the Prof. talking about it.

I like that the guys at Spike aren't backing down about the ad and I'd like to see Republicans on the hill lock their arms and push back against this. I'm not sure it will happen, because there are plenty of open borders advocates like Lindsey Graham who will stab the President in the back to get full on amnesty passed.

Wish I had an answer for all of this.

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