Monday, January 8, 2018

There's one born every minute

As the saying goes.

I had a Sunday only paper subscription in 2016. The weekday thing doesn't work out for me since the paper is always delivered after I've already left for work. Which doesn't do me any good since the whole point is to have something to read when I eat lunch. If I actually get a lunch. Which is rare anymore, but anyways . . .

I let the subscription expire at the end of the year, but the paper boy/guy kept on delivering the Sunday paper on and off throughout the year. He'd put little smiley faces on the wrapper along with things like extra or free or enjoy. I'd occasionally get the Sunday paper on Monday, which wasn't a big deal since I only wanted it for the comics and sports. Seemed a very nice thing by the paper guy.

When December arrives, I get the paper along with his Merry Christmas/it's okay to tip me note enclosed which included his name and address (PO Box). So I sent him a tip in thanks for the extra papers all year.


No paper since.

This is me:

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