Sunday, January 14, 2018

Celeb oops of the day

It's Blanca Blanco

Yes, this "actress" I've never heard of before with one of the most ridiculous names ever was doing a beach photoshoot, trying to be provocative and all, but like Joanna Krupa, she underestimated her wardrobe a bit:

blanca blanco bare breast

I checked Ms. Blanco's IMDB page, and though she's appeared in a lot of stuff, I've literally never heard of any of these "movies" she's been in. They made a Showgirls 2? Who knew.

blanca blanco nipple
blanca blanco ass

Nice to see our homegrown SoCal girl is a Jeff Gordon fan. Either that or that's the only jacket anyone had that was available for the shoot. I'll go with NASCAR fan for now.

I had thought this was an outlier for Blanca, as she seems to be strictly a not-too-daring swimsuit model type, but she turned out in this little fishnet number last December for a photoshoot in the park. Good thing it was a warm sunny day I guess:

blanca blanco nipples in mesh top
blanca blanco nipples in mesh top
blanca blanco nipples in mesh top


After a little looking around (not that I was actively looking mind you), I see that it's been insinuated that the 37 year old Ms. Blanco has been known to get photogs to work with her via her own version of TFP (time for prints), in this case a sort of reverse TFP where she offers an incentive *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* to the photog to get pics for her Instagram feed or whatever. Also, there's been a few remarks about her yachting sideline. If you're not familiar with that either, it's where these Instagram models offer to do modeling sessions on yachts as a pretext for something a bit more intimate and pricey. Basically a self-run escort service. Wow.

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