Monday, January 15, 2018

Because of course he is

Convicted traitor, cross-dressing homosexual and really unattractive pretend woman Bradley Manning has decided to run for Congress in Maryland.

The former Army private was caught after stealing hundreds of thousands of restricted documents and getting them released to the public via Wikileaks. Bradley Manning is a traitor. He was caught and convicted. That alone should remove him from serious consideration for public office. But in this day and age of the so-called resistance even cop killers are lionized by the left. As long as one is anti-Trump, you can be anything -- pedophile, rapist, traitor . . .

As someone pointed out once, you don't ever see Democrats getting caught with ethics violations . . . they don't have any ethics to violate.

Manning's Twitter feed is full of the usual BLM, Antifa nonsense one would expect from a poser like this. He doesn't actually have any answers to fix things, he just rants that it all must be torn down. On Law Enforcement Appreciate Day recently, he tweeted out "F*ck the police!" along with a page full of emoji's which seems to be the level of his communication skills. I'm sure he'd do wonderful in Congress. But that begs the question of what he'd do if he got into Congress. If the system is the problem, and he's now part of it, how does he think he'll change it?

Answer -- *crickets chirping*

I doubt he'll get in though. His likely opponent is the incumbent Ben Cardin, someone with a lifetime "A" rating from progressive groups and a voting record that skews 96% toward progressive policies. He ain' going anywhere.

But little Bradley will put on his lipstick and paint his fingernails, stuff Kleenex into his bra and don his best come hither dress to preen before the gender-queer nation that'll support him. And their sycophants in the media -- Glenn Greenwald is already framing any Democratic hesitancy to anoint Manning as the candidate as transphobic.

Oh brother.

This should be an interesting race to watch the Dems try and find a clean way out of.

Also . . . traitor Bradley Manning's sentence was commuted by outgoing President Obama. Deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl was ransomed back and then feted at the White House as a hero by President Obama. And they say Trump damages the presidency with his actions.

And just because I have them, here are some pics of the ladies who weren't invited to the virtue signaling awards the other night. I meant to write about this then, but didn't get around to it. Actual sexual assault victims of Harvey Weinstein not invited to the Golden Globes . . . shame on them.

annabella sciorra not invited to the golden globes
asia argento not invited to the golden globes
daryl hannah not invited to the golden globes
mira sorvino not invited to the golden globes
rose mcgowan not invited to the golden globes

As an aside -- it's really hard to find quality glamour pics of Daryl Hannah. Her Playboy pics are out there, and I thought those a bit inappropriate for an article on sexual harassment, but there really isn't anything available other than some boring red carpet stuff. So odd.

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