Monday, October 12, 2015

B*tch please!

drew barrymore whining about being fat in instyle magazine

In the current issue of InStyle magazine, Drew Barrymore whines about not being able to pour herself into a bikini anymore. Or a one-piece for that matter. She goes on about how fabulous 160lb Amy Shumer looked in her recent movie wearing a bikini top and short skirt. But she (Drew) simply can't pull that off anymore and has come to terms with her body image issues. Blah, blah, blah.

Like I said -- Bitch please!

Born into a Hollywood dynasty, young Drew never had to worry about anything in her life, literally from day one. The self-pitying 40 year old has a net worth over $125 million and sports multiple homes in California priced over $8 million each.

With nothing to do all day, and more money than anyone I know, pudgy Drew can't find time to work out or eat right or do any of the things women I've known all my life have found time to do while working 40+ hours a week and making pennies on the dollar what Drew gets for sitting in sound stage trailer stuffing her face with donuts and feeling sorry for herself.

Tough f*cking life there, Drew. No sympathy from me this time.

drew barrymore topless
drew barrymore topless
drew barrymore nude

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