Thursday, October 22, 2015

Avril Lavigne has the first bare breast of the Halloween season

avril lavigne nip slip

31 year old perennial teenager Avril Lavigne put on her patented Arrested Development ™ Halloween gear and went out pumpkin shopping with her new boyfriend. But despite always walking with her head down like all teenagers do, Lavigne didn't seem to notice that she had an entire boob hanging out of her camisole under dress.

So much for self awareness, I guess.

avril lavigne nip slip


pigpen51 said...

not a bad breast, at that, but man, her legs look like they have had my dog jumping on them. Maybe I am being a little critical, but the legs seem a little on the run down side.
Too bad, she seems like a cute enough kid.

postaldog said...

Her legs may be suffering from the pasty-white Canadian thing in terms of hue. She is, as you say, a cutie. Does she even still put out music? I never hear anything from her musically anymore.

Thanks for commenting :-)