Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kim Kardashian does the Micaela Schaefer

In something called Paper magazine (yeah, I know . . . beats me too, it's effin' New York), Kim Kardashian gets naked as all get out. Not sure if this is a subscription thing or a newsstand thing, but whatever:

kim kardashian naked in paper magazine
kim kardashian naked in paper magazine

Saw a tweet by Naya Rivera who dissed Kim by suggesting that she remember that she's a mom now. heh


Jon Dougery said...

Kim's a hot SLUT...!

Tuerqas said...

I have never really seen 'that ass' before

postaldog said...

Those pics are heavily Photoshopped, but the way her ass keeps getting larger seems a bit unnatural. Gives some credence to those who claim she's getting injections or something.

Who knows