Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Random thoughts

So the USPS database got hacked yesterday. They stopped us in the middle of the morning to give us the news and later in the day the PMG issued one of his mumbling videos (tip: if you're going to be the head of the second largest civilian employer in the country, learn how to speak in public. sheesh!) Supposedly it was the Chinese that did the hacking. Not sure what they were hoping to find. As I told one of my customers who asked me about it -- if they think they're going to use my personal info to take out some huge loan . . . they're in for a big disappointment.

Got my oil changed today. The nice girl at the dealership came in with their complimentary 20 point inspection and pointed out that the tread depth on my front tires was 8mm and the rears were at 6mm. She recommended rotating my tires to put the deeper tread on the drive wheels. In my experience driving, that's sort of ass backwards, right? You want your best tires on the front for better steering -- which is to say, no loss of control in the rain or hard cornering, etc. Right? Not to mention that my fronts and rears are not the same size. Always astonishes me when the dealership doesn't know about little details like that.

I've been reading Lee Child recently -- the Jack Reacher novels. I saw the movie with Tom Cruise and pretty much liked it. Which is something since I don't really care for Cruise as an actor. I like some of the movies he's been in, but as an actor -- meh. Anyway, I've liked the books -- 5 of them so far, so I mentioned them to my buddy at work. Who proceeded to sh*t all over them, saying they lack character development, sufficient narrative to explain the plot, choppy writing style, blah, blah, blah. ?!?!?! Was he reading the same Lee Child I am? The guy spent half a chapter describing how Hook Hobie got undressed with one hand and got his prosthetic hand off! Granted, he's not George R.R. Martin, but I'm not having any trouble understanding character motivations with the books I've read. Go figure.

And speaking of cleavage:

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