Monday, November 24, 2014

Katy Perry > ice cream

After an epic Twitter meltdown the other day over paps pestering her on the beach for a bikini pic, Katy Perry decided to give the lads a little show on a yacht. Adding insult to women everywhere struggling with their weight and diets, Katy enjoyed some ice cream on a stick while showing off a pretty impressive bikini body. Girls can be so mean:

katy perry pink bikini
katy perry pink bikini
katy perry pink bikini

And for your lady-like pose of the day:

katy perry pink bikini


Jon Dougery said...

Katie Perry has extremely beautiful mammaries!!! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, P-Dog...!

postaldog said...

She's got an amazing body. And to think Russell Brand was hitting that *shudder*

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Jon :-)