Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maitland Ward is new here

Maitland Ward turned up at the Alfonso Sanchez fashion show wearing this demure little number:

The modesty panels are just barely getting the job done in the front, but in the back . . . it's all access baby!

Cheeky   :-) A wardrobe change later was basically the same thing, you just had to look a little harder to realize she was going commando:

I had no idea who this chick was, had to Google her . . . it seems she played Rachel McGuire on the old Boy meets World tv series. Her wiki page shows she hasn't done anything since 2007, so now I understand why she's turning up everywhere half naked. Got to get back in the game somehow. AmIright?

Oh yeah, and talk about being community conscious . . . here she is at a charity bowling fund raiser to help victims of child abuse:

Wow. Way to keep it classy, baby. Of course, watching her bowl in that top probably brought in a lot of donations, so . . .

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