Saturday, October 18, 2014

I don’t want to talk about that sh*t at all. Trust me, I’m only asking for it

Thus spake Kristen Stewart in her Daily Beast interview that has touched off a firestorm of criticism of the actress and a pissing contest between the Beast and Breitbart, who published one of the first takedowns of Stewart's interview. That quote is in response to a question about why she doesn't talk about news and current events publicly. Guess we know now, eh?

At the Big Hollywood site, Breitbart contributor Kelli Serio, who looks like this btw:

just sayin'

Anyway, Serio, a Navy vet went after Stewart pretty hard over her entire interview. I had planned to write about it initially, thinking that Serio was just looking to be outraged and read into Stewart's quotes what she wanted. I do think that KStew's comments about her character being "simple" and "not very smart" were not intended to imply, as Serio inferred, that Stewart thinks you have to be a moron to enlist in the military. I believe rather that she meant her character was naïve instead of un-intelligent and just phrased it inelegantly. Of course I could be wrong.

Stewart has done a good job of impersonating Megan Fox in her interviews -- giving off putting statements and attitudes that have many folks believing she's little more than an arrogant, entitled b*tch. And her comments to the Daily Beast about how terrorists are just like us underneath and we don't have the right to judge them isn't going to help her image much. At least to conservative movie goers.

I'm not overly surprised by her comments. Remember, Stewart is part of this generation of unsophisticated, ill-informed, sound bite centric voters that put the most unqualified candidate for President into office in 2008 and then re-elected him after 4 disastrous years. And Stewart, who admits she doesn't read the news, spends her life in the far left world of Hollywood, where the lefty notion of America is evil and the root cause of all the problems in the world, is taken as fact. This is the culture that put the picture of the Boston Marathon bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone and made him look like a Teen Beat idol, rather than a cold blooded killer.

Are we really that surprised to find out that a young, naïve actress would have any other view of terrorism and terrorists than what Stewart is displaying? The only problem with all this back and forth over her comments is that Stewart will probably just double down on her beliefs rather than educate herself on what's going on in the world. Let's face it, she's insulated by money and privilege and can afford her ignorance of the real world. Because she doesn't live in it.

She just pretends she does on film.

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