Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, what do you know

Boston actually won a game yesterday, bookending their seven game road trip with a blow out win in Toronto and Sunday's 3-2 win over the Rays. Of course, they lost the five games in the middle, thus the bookending remark.

The Red Sox won the game on David Ortiz' 3 run homer that naturally brought some griping by the Rays, this time from baby-faced Chris Archer. He of the spaz-tastic celebration after an inning ending strike out or kissing his biceps after a K.

Archer took exception to Papi's bat flip, and echoed David Price's earlier season whine about Ortiz thinking he's bigger than the game. After being pressed on the remarks, Papi said that with only a couple of minutes in the league, maybe Archer should hold off calling out players with a bigger portfolio.

If the Rays played as well as they pissed and moaned about things, they'd be leading the division by now.

Boston is not mathematically out of it yet, but I can't see them winning the division or even getting close enough for a wild card. Don't know what's going on, but they simply aren't swinging the bats. Ask Jake Peavy. Their impotence at the plate cost him his job. Hopefully he'll get another taste of the post season in San Francisco.

I'm getting the feeling that Cherri and Farrell are looking at this season as a lost cost as well. They've got wildly inconsistant Del la Rosa in the rotation and have brought up Alan Webster to fill Peavy's spot. Webster may have gotten the win Sunday, but he's pretty much been shelled every time he's tried to pitch in the bigs since he got to Boston.

And rumor has it that Cherrington is looking to rent out Jon Lester like they used to do with hockey players years ago. Don't see much of that any more, but I can remember teams that were out of the playoffs, sending players to other teams who would pay the guys to play out the season with them and then return to their original teams for the next season. That's sort of the talk on Lester. I can't see it and do not think it's a good idea. Pay the dude what he's worth and get on with things.

Tough to watch this season go down the drain after last year's wonderful run, but that's the way it goes sometimes.


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