Monday, April 22, 2013

Bucs sign Darrelle Revis

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers today announced the signing of cornerback Darrelle Revis in a trade with the N.Y. Jets.

Bidding against themselves, the Bucs got Revis for a first round pick in this week's draft (#13) and a conditional pick in next year's draft. They also signed Revis to a six year contract that does not contain any guaranteed money, something a little unheard of these days in professional sports.

In Revis, the Bucs now actually have a defensive backfield, something that was woefully lacking last year. It was maddening to watch lumbering tight ends sprint by hapless corners and run free for easy passes against the Bucs in game after game. The four time Pro Bowl corner will effectively seal off half the field (fingers crossed) to allow the highly touted Mark Barron to come into his own as a defender on the other side and improve the defense overall.

Revis is coming off a season ending ACL (I think) injury, that happened early enough last season that he should be ready for training camp and opening day this year.

I said last year that I was liking the way new coach Greg Schiano has been going about rebuilding this team. With the amount of money the Bucs are under the cap, they've got the luxury of shopping a bit for impact players and have done quite well so far. It's just one signing, but it is a nice positive to start the 2013 season. With hope we'll get some quality guys in the draft, and the team will finish much better than last season.

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