Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rays working towards mid-season whining form

The Rays lost last night on a disputed . . . well, that's not accurate . . . a blown strike call in the ninth inning. Ump Marty Foster, initially claimed it was "close" but realized after seeing the replay that he missed it completely.

What's been missing in all the sturm und drang over this, is that Foster blew several calls in the same pitch sequence that would have given the advantage to Rangers closer Joe Nathan. Of course, no one's screaming about those. The whole thing looked like Foster knew he had missed some calls for Nathan already and decided he was going to make amends. His decision had been made to ring up Zobrist on the next close pitch. Problem was Nathan missed outside badly (it looked knee high on the replays, so I'm not giving folks the "low" complaint here) and Foster was already in full strike pump motion and couldn't call it back.

Wah, wah, wah . . . there's only going to be about a 1000 of those calls this season, get over it! We don't need robots or total reliance on FoxTrax (which misses plenty of times by my eyes) or replays or whatever. Human element, emotions, it's all part of the game. If the call had given the Rays the game, Rays fans would be shrugging their shoulders and smiling and saying they'll take a win any way they can get it.

The howling on the message boards is bad enough as well as my co-workers complaining that the Rays never get the close calls. Oh please! But Zobrist was in the paper saying he hoped the call "...doesn't end up costing us the playoffs in the end."

Dude . . . seriously?! One game in April . . . one game out of 162?! With seven guys on the team batting under .212, your top two pitchers struggling out of the gate . . . you've got more to worry about than one blown call. jeez

Along with the OMG face palms over last night has been the noise over Cy Young winner David Price's bad start. I've been loving the fan support claiming that his crappy start just shows "he's human", etc.

Really?! Dude's the reigning Cy Young winner. He should have come out of the gate smokin', with a chip on his shoulder as he tried to show everyone just how much he deserved last year's award. Instead, he's been tentative and hesitant on the mound. Remember a few years ago when James Shields flirted with the award? He came out the next season sort of slumpy as well. Not sure if there's a connection there or just coincidence, but who knows?

All I know is that Boston is leading the division, and the Yankees are in the cellar.

Life is good :-)

Oh, and here's some sideboob from the Tis . . . just because:

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