Tuesday, April 2, 2013

If you have any spare time . . .

. . . maybe you ought to think about hittin' the gym there sweetheart

lindsay april bikini pic

Just sayin' cause here's some pics of the rarely employed, but always monied Lindsay Lohan at the beach, and she's looking a little frumpy for a 26 year old.

lindsay bruises and droopy ass in a bikini

I mean seriously . . . droopy butt, coke bloat belly . . . eesh! Plus, what's up with the bruises? Looks like she's been brawling with Britney over the last jello shooter at some dive bar.

lindsay fat belly in a bikini

Nice touch with the industrial strength bikini top though. After pics of her falling out of her top in the helicopter turned up online the other day, why take chances at the beach, right?


Anonymous said...

Rude. She looks fine, give her a break. You're part of the reason people like her are so messed up. You sit there and pick her apart...hopefully no one ever talks about your kids like that

postaldog said...

She looks fine for a 40 year old mother of three. But a 24 year old model/actress . . . please! She doesn't work, has more money than I'll ever see in a lifetime. She gets paid to look good, and this is how she looks?! Like I said, perhaps she should hit the gym once in a while instead of doin' lines in the bathroom.