Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not understanding the hubbub here

So Isaac's a tropical storm, I get that.  And it's on its way into the Gulf, where it might grow into a hurricane. I get that also.  What I don't get is all this OMG hysteria that's going on.

People are freaking out about the convention, they're at Lowe's and Home Depot buying plywood and emergency supplies.  I get being prepared, but honestly, this isn't the first storm we've had here.  Calm the eff down folks.  We're not even sure how much is going to hit here:

Right now the weather folks are assuming a track towards Mississippi and Louisiana.  This thing could bolt towards Texas (you know how these storms love Corpus Christi) or over towards Mexico.  All we need is a little high pressure system from up north and this sucker could go anywhere but here.

It could also come right up Tampa Bay too.  I get that.  And we've been really lucky in that respect for a lot of years.  So I guess people are assuming that it's our turn or something.  Of course, nature doesn't really work like that, but our minds do . . .

I don't know, maybe it's because I've spent my entire life down here dealing with these storms and what they can do and the angst of preparing for the worst and having nothing happen.  My thinking is be prepared, but don't be going crazy until there's a good reason for it.

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Don Weiss said...

True enough, we are always prepared here. maybe its because the spotlight is on us due to the convention?
By the way, I've changed my primary blog (which you have linked on your profile, thanks for that) to