Monday, August 13, 2012

Al Gore = still pathetic

Desperate to not go down in American history as the guy who lost the biggest gimme election of all time, Al Gore is still bleating about the candidates not addressing climate change in their speeches or platforms.

Sadly, one of my knocks on Mittens is how he's pandered to the faux science numerous times in the past.  Fortunately, his running mate Paul Ryan has openly expressed the logical concerns of most people about the shoddy science and fear mongering of climate hysterics like the Goreacle.

I've always searched for just the right way to describe the foolishness of climate hysteria, and I found it in an interview in the Pittsburgh Tribune the other day.

The article written by Eric Heyl is his interview with the guy who runs, Marc Morano.  In the interview, besides pointing out how claims of "record heat" are actually temperatures that are only hundreths of a degree higher than normal and how hysterics try to extrapolate a temp rise over only 2 percent of the planet's surface (and ignore the cooling going on in the other 98 percent) into proof of global warming, Morano gave the perfect description of climate hysteria:

Q: What did you think of Hansen’s [James Hansen director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies] latest study being rebuked by (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researcher) Martin Hoerling? He reiterated his long-standing contention that Hansen is exaggerating the connection between global warming and various weather extremes.

A: Yes, Hoerling said (Hansen’s findings) were perception, not science. Another scientist, Roger Pielke Jr., has said (such perceptions) are akin to the predictions of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar, where they are trying to attribute every single event to global warming. It’s unscientific. It’s what I like to call climate astrology — it’s like a horoscope. No matter what happens, it fits the narrative. They are advancing an agenda and creating a grand narrative of man-made global warming and they are trying to sell it. So now beyond just hot temperatures, they are trying to say that every time there’s a flood or hurricane, a drought, a tornado, you name it, that it’s proof of the theory.


And to paraphrase the old Rocky & Bullwinkle show, here's some news you can really use! 

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