Monday, August 20, 2012

If I was running the RNC . . .

Republicans, conservative pundits, and the candidates themselves keep saying they welcome a debate on the economy, Medicare and the like.  I agree.  This is a conversation we should be having.  If I was running this election campaign, I'd be buying a half hour air time on a major network every week from now until the election.  I'd have Paul Ryan on there with whiteboards and slides and whatever else he needed to pound home the danger this country is in.

I'd be daring anyone --  pundit, candidate, or sitting Congressman to come on and debate him on the facts of  where this economy is heading.  Ryan could, and would, eat pretty much anyone's lunch on this topic and the voters of this country would be well served at the same time.

Some years back, Ross Perot did almost this exact thing, using his own money to buy airtime and show the economic danger the country faced.  It was a brilliant, though I think unappreciated, move on his part.  He garnered enough votes in the election to cost Bush Sr. the White House.  If this current election is as close as some think, those swing votes could put Romney/Ryan over the top.

Of course, the blatantly liberal leaning networks might fight him on this, so I suppose there are always online alternatives.  But this is still something they should be doing.  The facts are on conservative's side on these issues.  This seems like a good way to get them out there.  And they should get going on it.  Like now.

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