Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I was head of the RNC, part 2

I'd send a group of fairly large, imposing gentlemen in suits and dark glasses to visit this dumbass Todd Akin  and ask him politely but forcefully to step out of the Missouri congressional race.

This knucklehead is going to cost the GOP quite possibly that Senate seat and could impact the Romney/Ryan ticket as well.  It's bad enough that the guy had a brain fart, but he's doubling down on it and talking about standing on principle, yadda yadda.

Dude is giving Republicans and conservatives a bad name, as well as talking absolute nonsense about women's reproductive systems and allowing liberals to get back to this nonsensical war on women meme they've been pushing for a year.

It's important to note that this guy doesn't have some sort of mandate here.  He won a plurality in the Republican primary, 36% to two other candidates tied at 30%, and that was only after the Democrats dumped millions of dollars into the campaign to insure that Akin won.  That should tell you something right there about the guy.  Clearly the Dems knew they had a disaster waiting to happen in Akin, and they were absolutely right.

Sarah Palin was on Greta tonight and she had some great comments about the Akin mess, saying that speaking from experience, the guy ought to not be inviting himself somewhere he isn't wanted.  She also spoke about taking one for the team, by backing off his hopes for a Senate seat to serve the greater good of the Republican party and the country itself.

Sarah also suggested that if Akin won't get out, then a third party run by her candidate of choice, Sarah Steelman, was an option worth looking into.  I agree.  And I also wonder when the party and the influence folks within the party are going to start paying a little more attention to Sarah's suggestions, since her success record of supporting candidates is somewhere in the 70+% range.

I should point out here that Sarah Palin repeatedly said someone like Steelman should run as a third party.  There's apparently some sort of sore loser law in Missouri that prevents primary losers from running as third party candidates.  Kind of impressed that Palin knew that already and even said in the interview that she would go ahead and coin Steelman's motto about no more status quo for whoever ran.

And in other news, not only can Michelle Rodriguez probably kick the average guys' ass, she'll look pretty hot doing so:

michelle rodriguez in-style russia

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