Sunday, February 21, 2016

About the South Carolina Primary results

32.5% ?!

I've got to tell you, I'm amazed. In a state where former President George Bush enjoys a 80+% approval rating, Donald Trump ran a scorched earth campaign blasting Bush and falling just short of calling the former President a war criminal. And he still got over 32% of the vote. I don't get that.

I understand the dissatisfaction index of Republican, and to some extent Democrat, voters. But if you want an outsider, there are two candidates in Rubio and Cruz who are Tea Party stalwarts -- the epitome of grass roots outsider candidates. And if you are really looking for an elbows out, thumb in the eye, tell it like it is candidate who actually has some political/constitutional background, then Ted Cruz should be your guy. What are you people thinking?

Setting aside the ledger full of f*ck ups, business-wise, that are in Trump's resume, he isn't going to be a CEO in the White House. He can't just come in and fire people. He would be constrained by the Constitution and the political checks and balances built into our government by the framers/founders. So what exactly do you think he's going to do when he gets there? Shout? Cuss? Make a vulgar fool of himself? What?

And how, exactly, do you think he's going to have the knowledge to appoint Cabinet positions? Who are his advisors? Do you know? Has he said? He's a life-long progressive democrat in terms of politics. Where do you think he's going to draw his coterie of advisors from? I guarantee it won't be from conservative think tanks? Have you heard him quote or refer to any of the respected conservative voices on any policy issues?

This isn't middle school class president we're voting for here people, this is the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. This isn't the time for a protest vote. The field has winnowed down now. Sadly there were some good men (and a good woman) tossed aside in the process. But it's time to get serious. This self-aggrandizing ass-clown cannot be the Republican nominee.

Trump supporters love to point to the polls. I'll say it again -- dude, look at the polls! Trump loses to everyone the Dems throw up there. And if you're counting on Hillary being indicted as your savior, you're as ignorant as your prospective hero. Replacing Hillary with Biden or Warren would unite the Dems and draw in independents and conservatives put off by Trump's childish antics and ignorant world view.

It would be a landslide victory for the Dems and a disaster as the new Democratic President would be in a position to stock the Supreme Court with two to three progressive liberal thinkers, forever changing the face (for the worse) of this country.

And on the Republican side -- Hey Reince . . . do your f*cking job and get Kasich and Carson out of the race. You take their combined 22.6% (adding Jeb's in as well) and add it to either Rubio or Cruz and we've got a decent candidate on our side. Again, the Trump supporters love to crow about the polls, we'll despite their tsk-ing, 2/3's of Republican voters want someone other than Donald Trump as the nominee. Get the chaff out of the race, and we'll see how the electorate actually looks.

And that's your job here Reince. This is why you're head of the RNC. Kasich and Carson don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination, so why are they still in the race? Back in the 2008 Primaries, Mike Huckabee hung around until the end because he didn't believe in simply anointing John McCain as the nominee. He saw that most voters viewed McCain as a RINO, so he hung around to give voters a protest voice.

That isn't the case now. Trump is the protest voice. Cruz and Rubio are the candidates who can actually do the job they're applying for. And in Rubio's case, can actually win the job, again, according to the polling.

So stop watching anyone on FOX except Brett and Megyn and get your heads straight voters. You're on a path to f*ck up a third straight Presidential election. We're not going to get too many more mulligans. Get it right this time.

Okay, I just can't let this pass -- The Dems had their caucus in Nevada, which Hillary won by 5%, and one precinct, with 30 caucus goers (nice turnout, lolz!) ended in a tie. They broke the tie with . . . wait for it . . . a deck of cards.


Yes, that's right. The party of SCIENCE, that previously had settled caucus ties with coin flips, this time shuffled an fresh deck of cards (there for just such an emergency, imagine) six times and each side drew a card. Hillary's Ace beat Bernie's 6 and so the delegate went to the Hillster.

Could politics in this country be any more of a mockery this year?

And for something a tad more soothing to the psyche, here's Caroline Wozniacki, Lindsey Vonn and Rhonda Rousey in bodypaint from the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition:

caroline wozniacki in bodypaint from SI swimsuit issue
Lindsey vonn in bodypaint from SI swimsuit issue
Rhonda rousey in bodypaint from SI swimsuit issue

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