Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Bucs have a job opening

Yesterday, the ownership of the Buccaneers gave head coach Raheem Morris his walking papers.

The day after a lopsided loss to the Atlanta Falcons gave the Bucs their 10th straight loss to end the season 4-12, the Glazers finally woke up and relieved Morris of his coaching duties. Also in the purge was the entire coaching staff of the hapless team.

I'm sure the sportswriters at the newly renamed Tampa Bay Times will organize an #OccupyOneBucPlace protest to vent their frustration over the ownership doing what they, and most fans thought, was the best thing for the team.

Surprisingly, one person who didn't lose his job was GM Marc Dominik, which sort of shows that despite local writers plaintive whinings, the blame fell solely upon the shoulders of the coaches whose job it was to coach, instruct, gameplan, and lead this team.

Supposedly, the owners are going to conduct an exhaustive search for a new head coach, with no time table to obstruct them. We'll see how that goes, because the local sports tools will be droning endlessly about how if a coach isn't brought in by such and such a date, the upcoming season will be a disaster.

Raheem Morris was the defensive backs coach for seven years with the team and head coach for the last three. Don't want to see anyone lose their jobs in this economy, but with his record as head coach, he didn't deserve to remain at the helm of this team.

Thanks for what you've done, sorry it didn't work out Raheem. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Now lets find a coach who knows what he's doing, okay guys?

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