Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bucs end the year on a low note

The Tampa Bay Bucs lost the final game of the season to the Atlanta Falcons 45-24. The game wasn't even as close as this nearly two-to-one score would suggest. The Bucs stunk from the outset, allowing the Falcons to score 42 unanswered points.

Josh Freeman, the Bucs qb, ended the day going 31-45 for 274 yds and two touchdowns, which will have local sportswriters pulling his bronze bust back out and labeling it for the Hall of Fame. Problem is, that the majority of these points came against Atlanta's second and third string defense playing prevent.

I've said it repeatedly, the problem with this team is coaching. Plain and simple. Freeman has regressed, the penalties, lack of ball control, and lack of discipline are all hallmarks of a team with no leadership. Either within or from the top. Broadcaster John Lynch, a former Buc, pointed out what I said earlier, that head coach Raheem Morris cut or traded all the veteran leadership off the team and the results are showing on the field and in the standings.

There's still no firm basis to insist Freeman is a franchise qb. The supposed dominant de's are injury prone and haven't played a full season yet. The db's can't cover and the purportedly speedy receivers can't get open or hang on to the ball.

Morris, via his vision and re-imagining of this team, has turned the Bucs into one of the worst teams in the league. The 10-6 record last year, posted against teams with a losing record, has turned this year into a 4-12 record more indicative of their standing against the league.

Three years in, and the team is worse off than when Raheem Morris took over as head coach. If that's not a reason to change coaches, I don't know what is.

Hey Glazers! I'm a fan. I pay the bills for this team. Are you listening?!

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