Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You learn something new every day

Part of the fun of being a mailman is interacting with the customers. In fact, with as crappy as things are at the P.O., it's pretty much the best part of the job.

So I'm delivering this fairly heavy package to one of my customers today. And I joke as I give it to him that it must be a fruitcake. Because of the weight, you see. Come on folks, work with me here.

But he corrects me by telling me it's a special Italian grain for the upcoming feast of St. Lucy on December 13th. He goes on about how St. Lucy is the patron saint of blindness (or the eyes) and what they make and how no one really celebrates the day down here in Florida and all.

How cool is that?

So of course, I google it and read some info on it and, voila . . . a bit more out of the ordinary knowledge creeps into my soggy brain.

So it was worth getting out of bed today after all.

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