Friday, December 2, 2011

So, what have I missed -- politics

If you're one of the three people that regularly drop by to bask in my daily meditations on . . . well, anything, you've probably noticed I haven't been writing much these last weeks. Well, with what we call the season in full swing at the Post Office, I've been working like a low rent whore recently, and just been collapsing when I get home at night. Hence -- no ramblings. But I'm gonna give it a go and get caught up here.

First off, politics . . .

Hey, what do you know, flavor of the month Herman Cain is melting under media scrutiny and looks to drop out of the race. Gee, didn't Sarah Palin accurately note his bright, shiny new thing status a while back and get slammed for it?

I said from the get go, that Cain doesn't belong anywhere near the Presidency due to his stunning lack of legislative and international affairs experience. And finally that's come out. Along with some really dirty laundry. Why people think stuff like this won't come out under media scrutiny is beyond me. As was Cain's lament about the scandal not coming out when he was a 1%er in the polls.

Just shows more naivete on his part.

And the Great Seducer is now surging in the polls. Newt-mentom is running rampant! Again, I said early on that Newt was the best debater and can shred anyone in political talk. And now that he's showcasing his encyclopeadic knowledge on these idiotic weekly debates, his poll numbers are rising.

As are the shrieks from conservatives who remember his positions on the global warming hoax, tea party, etc.

I said he's the ultimate beltway insider, and he still is. And he'll sell out any position to gain a political victory. Of course, anyone's better than the currrent president, but Newt's just not my idea of the right guy.

Mittens is bitching about not getting softball questions from FOX, Rick Perry's trying to point out that we're not electing the Debater in Chief (a good point, imho), and Michelle Bachmann's jumping up and down trying to get someone to notice her.

If only Sarah had decided to run . . .

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