Sunday, December 18, 2011

A bit of economic history

Below is a nifty little economic primer on the Great Depression and Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt and what their economic plans did to exacerbate the situation:

Ms. Fields does a decent job giving you the thumbnail story on what happened, which is bags more than students get in school these days. If they get anything at all. And of course, way better than any of the outright lies and distortions the main stream media spew each day on the subject.

Apparently this video got the attention of a writer, Peter Ogburn, at something called Fishbowl DC who immediately filled his diaper.

Taking his thumb out of his mouth, Ogburn spews out some sexist vitriol about the blatant cheesiness of the video (in his opinion) and the relentless focus on Ms. Fields cleavage.


Now this young lady is attractive. But knowing what this clown wrote, I watched closely . . . real closely, and if she was showing a lot of cleavage, I missed it. Or I need to update my glasses prescriptions.

But this is simply another example of the left taking the low road to denounce anyone who doesn't buy into their socialist view/plan for the country.

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