Monday, December 26, 2011

And from the "this is just wrong" department

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's read more than a couple of my postings, that I cruise the political blogs (to make my blood boil) and also the celeb blogs (to get a good chuckle).

Lots of these celeb bloggers sell ad space to various other blogs and such to help offset the cost of maintaining their blog or, I suppose, simply to make money. One of these, BUZZNET has stuff on quite a few celeb blogs. One in particular caught my eye.

A heading of "New Babe on the Block" pointed to a gallery of . . . Chloe Moretz.

chloe moretz

It should be pointed out here, that Chloe is only 14 years old. Now I know she's done some outrageous stuff in films, and all these young models are doing magazine covers and other things that are a bit beyond their years. But come on, man!

Catagorizing a 14 year old girl as a "babe in the making" or some such just sets off my creep-o-meter.

Maybe I'm just getting old or something, but like I said in the title of this post -- this is just wrong.

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