Monday, September 12, 2011

Rule 5 Monday -- ginger hotness

 model gabe

No Rule 5 Sunday out of deference to the 9/11 tributes. So instead we have some Rule 5 Monday action.

This week's submission is a redhead named Gabe. I think she might have been part of that fill-in-the-blank model dot com wave that flooded the net some years back. When every chick thought she was going to make her fortune with her own "modeling" website.

Judging by the look of those expensive sets she's posing in, I'm guessing she's shooting in some dude's house. Actually, from the look of those windows and awnings, it looks like a house here in Florida.

Go figure.

Update: more Gabe/Gabrielle hotness available here.

click on the thumbnails for the full-sized image


Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

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