Thursday, September 22, 2011

Groan, another Republican debate

Oof, another one of these things. Okay, let's get right to it:

I will grudgingly admit that Mittens does a good job in these debates. But he should. He's been campaigning for 5 years! His answers are polished from repeated debates and q&a's. Didn't we just elect a guy that was all flash and no substance? Mitt is a serial flip-flopper and if he's going to keep bringing up Perry's record, I'm hanging RomneyCare around his neck like an albatross.

Rick Perry did poorly, he still looks very uncomfortable up there. He's struggling to come off smooth and it is taking away from his answers which aren't all that bad. He's got to work on his presentation. His biggest strength for me is something he has in common with George Bush -- I didn't always agree with shrub, but I appreciated that he believed what he was saying and never backed off a stance. Perry's the same. He won't back off the hpv vaccinations or the education for children of illegals. And I thought he was going to deck Santorum over their border dust up. That means something to me as a voter.

Ron Paul came off better, but only because they didn't give him anything to go off the rails on. I still think he's a nutbag, and a nightmare scenario would be for him to get the nomination because he'd be a disaster as president.

Michele Bachmann did much better this debate as she seems to be getting more comfortable on the stage.

Newt had the line of the night about ex-President Carter being a recovery. Wonderful. VP would be a good slot for him, but not the top post.

Herman Cain is very likeable, but he's just not electable. I'm sorry. We can't put somebody in the White House that is so uninformed about foreign affairs.

I initially liked Rick Santorum, but he's become the Howard Beale of these debates -- the angry white guy. And that's a turn off for this voter.

Huntsman is still meh and Gary Johnson was good for that shovel ready joke, but other than that -- nothing.

This was the best moderated debate of the lot. The YouTube stuff wasn't as bad I feared it would be. I'm still tired of them pitting the candidates at one another, and f*ck, still with the Gardasil! Give it a rest guys. It's a pity all the candidates didn't answer the last question about picking a vp. Like Cain says, have a sense of humor folks.

Of course, having the delicious Megyn Kelly helping out with the moderating is always going to be a plus for me. So that in and of itself made tonight a winner for me:

megyn kelly hotness

For the record, let me just say that if Perry's bad debate performance begins to drive his number down to where Mittens looks like a shoe in for the nomination, I believe that is the scenario that might prompt Sarah Palin to enter the race. She's no fan of Romney and realizes his lack of a spine on conservative issues is anathema to everything the Tea Party stands for.

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