Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And from the who cares department . . .

We learn the riviting news that Reese Witherspoon has a belly tattoo. *yawns*

It would be more shocking if someone could find a Hollywood actress who doesn't have ink.

Frankly, I'm more astounded by the fact that Reese is photographed five days a week jogging, or doing martial arts in the park, or playing softball or whatever, and she still has that doughy, pudgy body. What's up with that?

Inside sources also say that acclaimed thespian Jennifer Aniston put her high heel down and demanded to wear the dark brown wig with bangs in her new movie Horrible Bosses over the director's objections.

You go girl! Talk about standing tall before the man!

I'm telling ya, I'm smelling Academy Award here. I'm sure Jen will be joining the totally deserving, not overrated at all Julia Roberts, as an Oscar winner at the end of the movie season after this gutsy performance.

Oh yeah, and she's taking a year off to spend with her new stolen boyfriend. What will the industry do without her? *yawns again*

Noted legal experts from around the world are weighing in on the Casey Anthony verdict.

Mensa candidate Kim Kardashian is shocked, shocked I tell ya, at this travesty of justice. Of course she should know, she watched daddy get O.J. off.

And Lindsay Lohan is equally appalled. As someone who's skirted incarceration for a variety of crimes, Linds is probably the most appropriate person to be commenting on the situation. That said, why she didn't see this coming is a bit of a surprise. But I'm sure there will be much more trenchant commentary forthcoming from this lot in the future.
*really yawns*

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