Saturday, February 4, 2017

This week in celeb images

A little roundup of various celeb images that caught my eye this week, presented in alphabetical order to make my life easier:

First up is 43 year old Kate Moss in W Magazine. I've never been a huge fan of Moss, often finding her "look" to be off-putting. But like many true models, she can look amazing under the right circumstances, this pic being one of them. Also, she's only 43?! Seems like she's been around for so much longer than that.

kate moss nude w magazine

Next is Kendall Jenner showing off her heroine-chic anti-Kardashian scrawniness in a shoot for Love Magazine (those purveyors of the exhausting advent video calendar each year). Kendall and Kylie are two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to body types. Kylie with her surgical addiction trying to look like Khloe and Kim, and Kendall working hard to look almost anorexic. What a family.

kendall jenner see thru bra nipples love magazine
kendall jenner see thru bra nipples

Next is 51 year old Elizabeth Hurley who continues to astonish me with how much better she keeps looking with each passing year. I mean truly, she looks hotter now than she did when she was in her twenties. How wild. (fyi, I had these pics tagged as liz hurley so that's why they're here rather than at the top of the post)

liz hurley bikini sexy
liz hurley bikini instagram

And lastly Mariah Carey desperately trying to rehab her image after the New Year's Eve debacle is pumping out selfies like a mad woman. This one in the gym . . . are we supposed to think this is her workout outfit? Probably not, but then why not put on "actual" work out clothes and take some pics? It's the funny mindset that goes with self promotion I guess.

Mariah carey fishnets gym

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