Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Harley Davidson USA is run by cowards

harley davidson usa owners are cowards

President Donald Trump was scheduled to meet with the ownership of Harley Davidson USA, as part of his promotional tour to showcase his trimming of regulations on small businesses in this country. Trump campaigned hard on a pro business platform and has already signed executive orders requiring that two regulations be cut for every new regulation implemented. There isn't really another business in this country that screams "American" like the iconic Harley Davidson.

But Harley execs cancelled the visit because they were afraid of protests and the bad publicity that might arise from them.

Got that? They were actually afraid to be seen with a sitting President for fear of how it might look to the whiny left wing babies in this country. Pathetic.

We're getting a very good look at the liberal playbook for the next four years. Astroturfed protests funding in large part by America-hating George Soros punishing anyone who would dare support a Republican President. In DC recently, the guy who owns a chain of local hoagie shops is being excoriated on Twitter for posing with Trump after the EO on small businesses. Whiny lefty babies are screaming for boycotts of the chain which humorously touts on it's billboards -- no politics, just good hoagies.

You would think those who vote Democratic would be embarrassed by this situation, but like Muslims in this country that stay silent of Islamic terror attacks, Dem voters say nothing while their party descends into liberal madness with knee-jerk reactions to every little thing. Once again, the election map:

2016 election map by county

Donald Trump won 2626 counties across the country, Clinton won 487. Almost the entire total of her lead in the individual vote count was due to her winning the five counties that make up New York.

The country is tired of business as usual from Washington. Leftist/socialist theory on economics and social justice don't work or resonate with the majority of the country. It's going to be interesting to see how the Trump administration responds to these hate/scare tactics by the left. Trump isn't known for his measured responses to attacks, and neither is Bannon. Hopefully others around Trump can moderate his lash out first, apologize for it later mentality.

On a more pleasing note, Trump has pegged Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. I'm no expert on this, but most conservative scholars seem to like this guy, feeling he's sort of Scalia v2.0. Scalia himself seemed to like Gorsuch when he was working his way up through the judge ranks, and Dems had no problem voting for him for circuit court appointments. Of course, now they're saying they will filibuster any and all SCOTUS picks, claiming in one instance that the seat was stolen by Republicans (looking right at you Jeff Merkley D-Ore.). Which just shows that you can be a complete blithering idiot and still win a Senate seat in this country.

And by the way, speaking of "astroturfed" protests, check out this tweet from Nebraska senator Ben Sasse, quickly becoming one of my favorites in the Senate, as he points out how Dems were ready to protest whomever Trump nominated with fill-in-the-blank signs:

Surrender monkey Mitch McConnell swears Gorsuch will be immediately confirmed without using the nuclear option. We'll see. I'm one of those who doesn't have much faith in McConnell. Obviously. But those who do, swear he's some sort of procedural genius who will get the Dems to do his bidding. We'll see.

The party of No is already refusing to show up to work to even hold votes on Trump's cabinet picks, so the Republican majority in Congress has it's work cut out for them.

Frankly, if it was me running the House or Senate, I'd schedule these votes and fill the empty Dem seats with cardboard cut outs of the various Dems photoshopped as crying babies in their diapers and make sure it was viral on every social media platform.

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