Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sorry Robert Reich, it wasn't conservatives staging the Berkeley riots

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich demonstrated his lefty bonafides on CNN the other night when he stated that he had heard reliable rumors that the masked mob that trashed Berkeley and assaulted Trump supporters was actually a group of Republican operatives trying to make the left look bad.

Ummmm . . . yeah, about that . . .

The Daily Caller is reporting that a group called Refuse Facism is behind the rioting.

Refuse Facism is organized and sponsored by The Alliance for Global Justice out of Tucson, AZ. AFGj supported RF to the tune of $2.2mil in 2016 and boasts as a founding "initiator" Princeton prof Cornell West. If you've watched FOX over the last few years, you've seen the crazy-haired West on there spouting ridiculous left-wing lies and propaganda at every instance.

Refuse Facism has a website I won't link to here, but they released a statement on the site that said their actions to shut down the gay conservative immigrant's scheduled appearance as "righteous." Going on to deliver some Orwellian redefining of words saying that vandalism and arson aren't "violence:"
"Dismantling police fences is not violent. And to compare preventing someone like that from speaking to the real-world violence that they perpetuate everyday is ludicrous . . ."
Well, in my college educated world, pepper-spraying a young lady while she talks to a reporter is violent. Beating people badly enough to leave blood puddles on the sidewalk is violent. Arson, defined as "the willful or malicious burning of property" is violent.

Only in the twisted world of these malignant lefties is what happened in Berkeley not violence.

By the way, want to know who all donates to AFGj? Here's a partial list, thanks to the IRS (one thing they're good for anyway):

The Tides Foundation, a George Soros funded organization -- $50,000
The City of Tucson -- $10,000
United Steel Workers -- $5,000

And these charities that are associated with the named companies: -- $40,000
Ben & Jerry Foundation -- $20,000
Lush Cosmetic -- $43,950

And this delightful little tidbit;
The New World Foundation, which was formerly chaired by Hillary Clinton in the 80's -- $52,000

Now I'm posting about this after finding this information on news/website. Is it true? I'll take it at face value for now. It should be vetted intensely. Problem with everyone relying on Facebook and the internet to coordinate these sorts of events is that they're leaving a digital paper trail, so to speak. It's almost impossible to memory hole stuff anymore. Dedicated investigators can dig out pretty much anything. But if it's true?

I stopped buying Ben & Jerry's ice cream after I heard they publically/financially support the Black Lives Matter crowd and didn't blink in the face of their cop-killing rhetoric. Bloggers online have been railing about George Soros and his behind-the-scenes machinations to destabilize this country, our currency and our democracy for years. Other bloggers have repeatedly posted about the cooperation between many U.S. labor unions and various communist groups (btw, the groups themselves call themselves communist, it's not my hyperbole) in the country. At some point, this has to get national attention that cannot be brushed under the carpet.

FOX News should disconnect from Cornell West in the most public of ways. Bring his anarchist behavior to the public at large at every turn.

And here is where the political outsider-ness of President Trump may come into play. If this can be airtightly confirmed, he ought to tweet and speak about this emphatically. Because if the President brings this into the light of day, the left-wing media will not be able to ignore it. If they choose to try and sympathize or rationalize Refuse Facism's behavior and insulate the companies and people that support them, the media's own bias will be more evident to those who keep trying to pretend that no such bias exists.

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