Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My thoughts on President Trump's speech tonight

Okay, first off -- man that's a lot of spending the Prez is talking about here. Where's all the money going to come from? It was Bush 43's profligate spending that birthed the Tea Party. All these bloggers that yak at #NeverTrump'ers are going to have a tough time waving off the trillions in spending Trump is suggesting.

I didn't agree with one bit of former President Obama's policies or philosophies, but you had to admit that the man could give a good speech. Trump . . . eh, no so much. The script writer did the best job he could, but Trump's just not the guy for that sort of long, structured speech. Perhaps in the future, write a speech that leaves spaces for him to riff out or be himself for a bit, then come back to the prepared remarks. That might make him seem more comfortable. Let's face it, he needs to be his own man, that's why he was elected. Why not let him put his own stamp on his speeches. As long as he maintains some decorum, I don't see the problem with that.

I know Republicans sat on their hands a lot during Obama's speeches, but that was a pissy looking group of Dems in the chamber tonight. And the way they bolted for the door at the speech's conclusion, so much for putting aside petty differences and working together.

How about that Joe Manchin? He was beaming like a new dad when Trump talked about saving coal miner's jobs. Wonder how long before he's persona non grata among Dems after glad handing Trump?

Nice counter punch by Trump by having that Seal's wife in the gallery and refuting news claims about the worthlessness of the mission that cost him his life. I was surprised that Trump didn't say something about Dream'ers though. Reports said he was going to talk about legalization and such during the speech and that would take away a Dem talking point. Guess someone got the wrong draft of the speech.

And how about Melania Trump? Wowzers! Designers that are refusing to clothe her are missing the boat big time. She and Ivanka are pretty damn knockout.

It'll be interesting to read about all this tomorrow. I wonder if any of the commentary will seem like it's of the same speech I just watched?

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