Sunday, July 17, 2016

What part of NeverTrump do they not understand?


Reince Preibus calls me a "sore loser." With the demise of the ill-conceived #Freethedelegates movement, Trump has been high-stepping and tweeting his yuge victory over those who refuse to bend a knee to his pyrrhic victory in the primary.

Sorry boys, you haven't won sh*t in my opinion.

Depending on how you look at the numbers, anywhere from 60-65% of Republican voters want anyone other than Donald Trump as their candidate for President in this election. The voters have spoken Reince . . . it is you who isn't listening.

And now the Vichy Right is signaling their best moment yet as Trump has tagged Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Ummm . . . yeah . . .

Pence's record as a politician isn't exactly giving me the warm and fuzzies. In fact, what probably endears him to the spineless bloggers and pundits supporting Trump is that Pence hasn't seen a fight he wasn't willing to slink away from. He avoided running for the both the Senate and this year's Presidency because he would have had to fight his way in. If the field wasn't cleared for him, he wasn't going to enter a battle where he wasn't guaranteed a victory.

And am I the only one who remembers how Pence f*cked Ted Cruz in the primaries this year? Kasich either had won or was going to win Ohio, Trump wasn't inevitable yet . . . Cruz desperately needed a ringing endorsement from a prominent Republican and a big win in a state. Indiana looked ripe for the taking, all Cruz needed was Pence's endorsement. He got nothing. Finally, at the eleventh hour and 59 minutes, Pence came out with a "Oh yeah, Ted Cruz . . . yeah, he's better than a pointed stick in the eye" endorsement, and down went Cruz to a humiliating defeat that paved the way for the mess we're in now.

I believe it was earlier a year and a half ago that Pence signed a religious freedom bill for Indiana and then immediately walked it back because LBGT activists began grumbling about it.

And now mere days into his role as Trump's conservative shield, Pence is backing away from his decades long support of NAFTA, saying that the world's best deal negotiator (Trump . . . *belly laugh*) should be allowed to redo the agreement.

Something tells me that had John Boehner still been in politics, Trump would have picked him. Pence is the perfect associate for Trump and the spineless cowards of the Vichy Right -- he says all the right things and checks all the right boxes, but will back down or swap positions on any and all policies/values/beliefs without hesitation.

Yep, a real dream team these two.

So, no . . . I'm still not voting for this trainwreck of a ticket. You idiots created it, you own it. Have fun.

Back when the primaries were just starting, I believe I wrote something here about the fact that Trump doesn't actually want the job as President and would probably, should he win, be the first President in history to voluntarily step down from the job before his term was up. Well, now I'm seeing this same thought from some in the professional pundit class. Way to be on the ball, guys.

Anyway, they're saying that with Pence on the ticket, if/when Trump steps down, we'd have a solid conservative in the White House. Wut?! See everything I've written above. And there's more to dislike about Pence. I wouldn't have voted for him for President if he had been running and I'm not down at all with this back door way of getting someone into the White House. Can you imagine the precedent that would set? That alone is enough of a reason not to vote for this team in the election.

I would be more agreeable to a coup at the convention than something like that. And is that a possibility? There is some wonder about Cruz agreeing to speak. I know he's dead set against the idea of a Clinton Presidency. But he's just as dead set against Trump. He was very adept at wrangling delegates and working behind the scenes to garner delegate support. Would he risk fracturing the party to give the 60-65% of Republican voters another candidate to support in the general election?

I don't think Trump will come close to victory in November. I don't know about where you live, but down here in Florida, Hillary's campaign is taking Charles Krauthammer's advice and is simply splicing together Trump's various idiotic statements and playing them on television over a graphic saying Trump's too dangerous to be allowed in the White House. It's damning and I imagine will prove very effective in swaying undecided and independents come November.

Would the defeat in November be any worse if Cruz wrests the nomination away from Trump, alienates some or all of Trump's supporters, and makes a run as the Republican nominee?

I don't know. But what I do know is that we can't allow either Hillary or Trump to become President of the United States.



Tuerqas said...

Amen to that! Like it or not, get used to "Long live queen Shillary". She could pretty much say or do anything at this point and not lose the election. Never Trump is pretty common rhetoric from left and right and he does not have anywhere near that level of followers. I do predict a healthy outcome for Libertarians this year and probably any other prominent independents that run. The only possible de-throning of HRC that I could have foreseen is if BS ran as an independent. Splitting the Shill-meister's votes like that could possibly have produced a different outcome.

postaldog said...

It's a pretty crappy set of choices this cycle.

I've joked that it would be better if we could call off the election and let Congress run the country for a couple of years until both parties can find a decent candidate.

Pity that wouldn't work.