Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dem lawmakers are f*cking babies

democratic lawmakers are fucking babies

Democrat lawmakers are having a sit in in the House or Senate, I really don't care which, to protest that SOMETHING has to be done after the recent terrorist shooting.

That something is the No fly, no buy law that was recently voted down in Congress. A law that even the f*cking ACLU doesn't like because it denies law abiding citizens due process under that pesky Constitution thing that conservatives are always going on about.

Never mind that the law would not have stopped any one of these terrorist attacks. NOT ONE! No, these shameless opportunistic fuckers seek only to push through their holy grail of gun confiscation and repeal of the Second Amendment at any cost.

It is important to note that a version of that bill would have passed if Democrats had allowed it to get to cloture. But they denied themselves that because the bill had provisions in it to protect the rights of innocent Americans. That whole due process bugaboo again.

Fuck these assholes! I don't know which chamber this is happening in, but if these idiots want to act like spoiled babies, I'd treat them like that. I'd make sure C-Span was rolling, then I'd hand out diapers and baby bottles to the protesters. I'd march Republican lawmakers right over top of them to get to their seats. I'd deny any food or water in the chamber and so on. Let's see how long these pampered pussies last in a real protest situation. I'm guessing not long.

The whole problem with this No fly, no buy legislation is that it relies on the government to decide, without transparency or guidelines, who is deemed too dangerous to fly on a plane, and thusly, who cannot purchase a firearm. Your rights are cancelled by government caprice. Period.

Think back 7 years. Obama's head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, issued a report stating that conservatives who openly believed in limited government, a balanced budget and adherence to the Constitution were potential domestic terrorists. Remember that? With that purely political categorization, over 50 million honest law-abiding Republicans would be denied the right to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Ridiculous! Absurd! Un-Constitutional!! And even the disgusting ACLU agrees with me. What does that tell you?

You want to stop these terrorist shooting sprees? Kill these fucking terrorists! Put some boots back on the ground in the mid-East, hunt these f*ckers down and wipe them out. Period. Untie our military's hands and let them do their jobs.

Quit playing politics with these tragedies. Quit curtailing the rights of law-abiding citizens.

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