Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ellen Page is topless in her new movie too

ellen page sexy

Ellen Page is topless in her new movie Freeheld which is about a lesbian police officer (I think) who finds out she has cancer and fights to secure benefits for her lover/domestic partner who is played by Page.

It's a movie about our current hot topic, so I guess we get some lesbian action in the movie. And with Page as one of Hollywood's most outspoken lesbians, I guess she felt it was worth it to give it her all for the film:

ellen page nude in into the forest
ellen page nude in into the forest
ellen page nude in into the forest

I'm ambivalent about Page as an actress. She's done a lot of work and I've seen her in a lot of movies. She's a serviceable actress, nothing she's done has ever blown me away but like Kristen Stewart in the previous post -- she gets the job done on camera and that's what it's all about at the end of the day.

Her politics are another matter and I commented a while back on the hypocrisy of someone with a $5 million net worth bitching about lack of opportunity in Hollywood. She went around with a movie crew trying to ambush various Republican candidates about their supposed homophobia during the primaries and her dressing down by Harvard debate champion Ted Cruz was priceless.

I don't know. Page seems like someone who is spending so much time trying to find a fight to fight, I wonder if maybe she's missing out on what a good life she has. Maybe she should just take a step back and enjoy things for a while.

The movie in question here is not Freeheld but Into the Forest. Apologies for my goof.

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